Cades Cove

Not every visitor who comes to the Smokies wants to come for the attractions. The mountains are, after all, the main reason we even have an economy in this area and it IS the center from which all things in Sevier County and surrounding counties operate. Cades CoveAs a result, many people come here to experience the heart of the mountains, and truly nowhere in East Tennessee will bring you the most of that in one concentrated area than Cades Cove in Blount County.

The Cove

Cades Cove is a valley offering a multitude of natural attractions for visitors coming through Townsend. Wildlife such as white-tailed deer, bears, coyotes, groundhogs, turkeys, raccoons, skunks, and just about every other type of animal you can find in the mountains. You can hike, bike, go horseback riding, go fishing, go on a nature shoot (photos of course) and even go camping in the backcountry.

You can tour Cades Cove by foot, bike or motor vehicle and numerous hiking trails start in Cades Cove - like Abrams Falls, Thunderhead Mountain, Rocky Top (as in THE Rocky Top that made the song) and the Cades Cove Nature Trail. There are many historic sites like the John Oliver Cabin, the Primitive Baptist Church and the Becky Cable House. Cades Cove is history, nature and potentially raw excitement and fun on one spot.

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