Dollywood Festival of Nations 2015

re if anyone could've guessed how big a hit Festival of the Nations was going to be when it debuted a decade and a half ago. It was a fun but fairly experimental new element for Dollywood's seasonal line-up, in an area that is known for celebrating traditional Appalachian/Southern culture almost exclusively. Who would've guessed the festival would not only return each year for almost 15 years, but open the entire operating season itself?

More than that even, as stated above, Festival of the Nations could be reasonably credited as the grand opening for the Spring season in the Tennessee Smokies itself and it's not hard to see why - a wide variety of cultural diversity will be on display throughout the park, from Broadway-quality shows to smaller performances that add to the realism of the experience (similar to the groups you might see perform on the streets in Trinidad or South America),
as well as authentic food from around the world being served on the main showstreet walkway and select restaurants on park.

This year's lineup of talent includes:

* Rhythm of the Dance (Ireland) * - Featured show of the year.
* Timber! (Canada) *
* Los Pampas Gauchos (Argentina) *
* Invaders Steel Orchestra (Trinidad) *
* Alash Ensemble (Tuva) *
* Mariachi Divas (Mexico) *
* Atahualpa (Ecuador) *
* Zebra Stelzentheater (Germany) *

And of course, all of this is in addition to the rides and attractions Dollywood offers 3/4s of the year-round!

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