Front Porch Sittin’ - Smoky Mountain Cabins with the Best Porches

There’s nothing better than front porch sittin’. Grab a glass of sweet iced tea and a good book and enjoy the view. What’s got us even more excited is that Fall is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to until the leaves begin to change! There’s nothing like front porch sittin’ but when you add the vibrant Fall foliage, it’s even better.

Because we are so excited about seeing the bright yellows, reds, and orange from our cabin’s porches we decided to put together a list of some of our favorite porches. Take a look and just imagine you're sitting there during peak Fall season!

Hillbilly Hilton

When fall arrives, you know where to find us - on the back porch of our cabin Hillbilly Hilton. This two-bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge is the perfect place to prop your feet up and relax.

Champagne Dreams

What’s better than sitting on the porch? Swinging on the porch. We could spend hours on the porch at Champagne Dreams.

River Song Retreat

That’s exactly where we want to be this Fall, at River Song Retreat. Can you imagine what that view will look like once the leaves have changed?!

Bearly Visible

A secluded oasis in the mountains is the best place to relax on the porch. Nothing but the sound of the mountain air. In the Fall Bearly Visible’s view transforms into a colorful landscape and we can’t wait!

Wilderness Lodge

Front porch sittin’ doesn’t get much better than this! Wilderness Lodge offers an expansive wrap-around porch so you can get the best Smoky Mountain views wherever you’re sitting.


We may never leave this spot, and that’s okay. The canopy of trees is the perfect source of shade and can you imagine being surrounded on all sides by the Fall foliage?! Rise-N-Shine offers incredible views of the fall leaves.

So, there you have it. Some of our favorite Smoky Mountain porches. If you’re dreaming about sitting on a porch this Fall taking in the beauty of the Fall colors, then call and book your cabin before it’s too late!