Rainbow Falls At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

One of the most memorable destinations in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are the waterfalls. Of all the waterfalls, the most popular one in the park is Rainbow Falls. It’s the tallest waterfall in the park. This single drop falls drops it’s water over 80 feet into LeConte Creek. As the name would suggest, on sunny days you get the amazing photo opportunity of taking photos of the rainbow that appears at the falls.

Even though this is the most popular waterfall in the park, it is worth pointing out that the trail to Rainbow Falls is quite rigorous. You’ll definitely want to plan extra time on this hike to give you the opportunity to periodically stop and take brief breaks. The trail into the waterfall is 2.7 miles in length and is uphill most of the way, leading up to over 1,500 feet.

With the climb and elevation gain, the hike does take time. Be sure to bring fresh water and wear proper hiking shoes. Also, be careful if it is raining as the trail can get quite slick.

The hike features tons of great attractions along the way. As you make your way through your hike you’ll see beautiful flowers and plants and lots of unusual foliage. The high humidity of the area during the spring season helps this foliage grow so well. Along the way you’ll also experience mini-falls, boulder fields and wildlife. When you get to LeConte Creek you may want to dip your feet in the water for ultimate relaxation.

Rainbow Falls is an amazing, fun attraction at The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but remember waterfalls can be dangerous. The rocks around the waterfall can be very slippery and dangerous. If you have young children that tend to wander off, this may not be a hike you want to take with the family.