Reasons to Book Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals in a “Shoulder Season”

Anyone who travels is well aware of the idea of “peak” seasons. These are the times when the largest number of visitors heads to a popular area, and then there is the “off” season when fewer travelers are around. Everyone knows that the offseason comes with a few special deals, but did you know about the “shoulders”. 

Shoulder seasons are the times when the benefits of peak season (good weather, great activities, and lots going on) are still almost entirely present. However, it is also a time when fewer people travel. When wondering about the shoulder season for Smoky Mountain cabin rentals, it is important to note that it is a very narrow window. 

Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals Do Have a Shoulder Season…But Unusual Ones

Generally, travelers looking for a shoulder season visit and deals on cabin rentals will have to pop in after the summer vacations end and kids go back to school – so, mid to late September. However, Smoky Mountain cabin rentals pick up again with “leaf” season in the autumn months, usually in late September and into late October or early November.

Then comes a bit of a lull until cabin rentals for the holidays begin again. This information is very useful to anyone who wants to enjoy a beautiful visit to the Smokies without as many of the usual warm-weather visitors. Naturally, just after the holidays and in the midst of winter it can get quiet, but because Ober Gatlinburg offers wonderful skiing and outdoor activities, it is still a great time to visit.

What that tells us is that almost any time is a good time to book Smoky Mountain cabin rentals, but if you are dedicated to enjoying the many shops, activities, and spaces that define the area without the usual crowds, consider a shoulder season visit.

Cabin Rentals for All Needs and Wishes

And if worried that cabin rentals are limited to a set style or location in the Smokies, you may be surprised at the astonishing variety of options where Smoky Mountain cabin rentals. At Mountain Air Cabin Rentals travelers have access to a carefully curated collection of gorgeous properties.

Whether it is a one-bedroom gem for a romantic retreat or honeymoon or an enormous lodge with room for a dozen or more, there are plenty of cabin rentals at all times of the year. Some of the most popular include:

Smokies Edge – With indoor and outdoor living spaces, room for 12, a home theater, a fire pit and large property, and an enviable location minutes from Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, it is a perfect destination.

Cuddle Up – Sized for a small family or set of couples, as it sleeps four, this charming and classic cabin features an enormous porch and is literally steps from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Hillbilly Hilton – This charmer sleeps six in a chalet-style setting with unmatched views of the mountains and a long list of premier amenities.

Scores of other options are available and now may be the time to take a look at the different shoulder-season options in the Smokies and book your perfect, peaceful and uncrowded visit.