Reliving History in the Smoky Mountains

While the simple and natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains is enough to stop us in our tracks, having a glimpse into the history of the mountains ushers in even more awe. The human history of the Great Smoky Mountains spans thousands of years, dating all the way back to prehistoric Paleo Indians! This rich and deep history gives visitors a unique opportunity when hiking the trails: to relive it. 

Things to See 

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park works hard to preserve and protect the entire area, from historic structures, to artifacts that bring us closer to those who once lived there, and to the very landscape. Some of the best places to immerse yourself in the historic landscape of the Smokies is through trails like Cades Cove, where for hundreds of years Cherokee Indians used to hunt. Along the 11 mile loop, you’ll see three churches, a working grist mill, barns, and log houses of the 18th and 19th centuries. If you want a sense of how people settled in the Smokies, this is the way to do it. View of the Mountains

Activity Challenges

If you want a bit of a challenge when on your history tour, take a look at photo albums by famous photographers like Laura Thornburgh. Her work on the Great Smoky Mountains highlighted the beauty and complexities of the area. See if you can find where she was and take your own picture in the same spot, comparing the two snaps afterward. 

Cabin Culture 

Of course, when we think of mountain culture, we think cabins. Log cabins were the rule of the land when settling the area, so it’s only fitting that you stay in one as well with Mountain Air Cabin Rentals! Though you’ll enjoy all the modern amenities (and more) that our cabins have to offer, like hot tubs, tvs, and WiFi, the coziness and views will remind you of a bygone era.