Take a Hike! Best Hikes to View Summer Wildflowers in the Smokies

While there are so many attractions in Pigeon Forge to explore, there is nothing quite like the simple pleasures of strolling through the woods and looking for the little bursts of color that wildflowers provide. Taking wildflower hikes in the Smokies is a favorite past time for many that visit the area. 


There are plenty of trails for flower spotting in the  Great Smoky Mountains National Park. So, no matter what your list of things to do in the Smokies includes, you need to be sure to add a wildflower hike to the list! Here are a few of the trails you may enjoy. 


Spence Field


While this may not actually qualify as one of the hikes in the Smokies (it may be more of a stroll), it is still a great spot for catching a glimpse of mountain laurel. You will love looking at the white and pink flowers that dot the hillside and the meadow. It is a truly breathtaking sight, and it would be an excellent location for taking a few vacation photos for Instagram. 


Deep Creek Trail


As far as things to do in the Smokies go, Deep Creek Trail is a two for one punch. This hike offers you a chance to enjoy wildflowers such as trilliums, but you will also get to see a waterfall. That is really making the most of your trek in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 


Andrews Bald Hiking Trail


Another one of the great hikes in the Smokies can be found at Andrews Bald Hiking Trail. The trailhead can be reached from the parking lot of Clingmans Dome, and hikers should keep their eyes open and searching for the purple-fringed orchids. Make sure to bring along your camera for a few gorgeous photo ops. 


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